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San Francisco Now Has Giant Koi Fish Street Art — No, Actually

Consider the small school of massive fish an expanded version of artist Jeremy Novy’s family sidewalk fauna. San Francisco’s Slow Streets Program has given way to a renaissance of public art. Take for example car-free JFK Drive, a.k.a. the “JFK Promenade”: It’s now home to dozens of public art components, which…
November 10, 2023

Ogden Museum Curated Conversation with Jeremy Novy

Kohlmeyer Circle members enjoyed a special talk with artist Jeremy Novy and Bradley Sumrall, Curator of the Collection.  In this conversation with Jeremy Novy and Bradley Sumrall, we learn about Jeremy's artistic background, see his work from around the country and discuss his role in the queer street art movement.
July 13, 2020

Milwaukee’s Brush With Queer Art

Queer street artist Jeremy Novy is back in town, however briefly. He’ll be installing a mural and, as he put it, “arting the city.” The former Milwaukeean and Peck School of the Arts graduate has garnered international recognition as a pioneer of contemporary identity art and of public art with…
September 19, 2019

Taking Back San Francisco Streets with Public Art

I have spotted Novy’s work along Divisadero and in the Lower Haight; more than 2,000 koi exist across the city, according to SFGate, making it more likely than not that a pedestrian will stumble across the stenciled fish circling one another in groups that correspond with Chinese lucky numbers.
May 2, 2019