Taking Back San Francisco Streets with Public Art

I have spotted Novy’s work along Divisadero and in the Lower Haight; more than 2,000 koi exist across the city, according to SFGate, making it more likely than not that a pedestrian will stumble across the stenciled fish circling one another in groups that correspond with Chinese lucky numbers.
May 2, 2019

ABC: Street Artist Paints the Town with Koi Fish

Watch your step! There are thousands of fish taking over the streets of San Francisco. Stencil street artist Jeremy Novy paints the town with his signature Koi fish designs. From sidewalks to subway stations, Jeremy's art is designed to delight—whether he has permission to paint or not. For more information,…
April 11, 2019

Jeremy Novy

Jeremy Novy is an American street artist, known for painting swarms of koi fish on the sidewalks of San Francisco. His mission is to make his city a better place for living, by creating public art, available to everyone. Apart from that, he is known as a pioneer of queer…
January 10, 2016

Koi Carp sidewalk graffiti artist creates…

On a blustery Sunday, street artist Jeremy Novy wrestled with wind-whipped stencils as he added details to a mural on the Hi-Ho Lounge at 2239 St. Claude Ave. in the Marigny neighborhood. The aerosol painting depicted a flock of life-sized, Crayon green Monk parakeets coursing across a black brick background…
December 15, 2015

Playing Koi

People have asked me for years what is the meaning or purpose of the koi I stencil on sidewalks across America. Well the answer may be simple but it has a lot of meanings both to me as a person and to the symbols of harmony, strength, good fortune, friendship,…
November 12, 2015

Queering the Street Art Scene with Jeremy Novy

Jeremy Novy’s eighteen-year stint stenciling and wheatpasting hasn’t been the easiest. Navigating a scene that has long been cis-bro and homophobic, Novy’s dedicated duration to creating sidewalk koi, queer CareBears, bondage boys and other relics of colorful camp loudly and proudly has upped queer visibility in street art. Celebrating pop…
September 15, 2015

Queer Street Art: Dragqueens und Glücksbärchen

San Francisco based street artist Jeremy Novy is a pioneer in the Queer Street Art movement. His in-your-face street art, which has featured (but is not limited to) drag queens, penises and homosexual imagery has made headlines across the country. Novy funneled that attention into curating an exhibit called “A…
May 12, 2015