10 Questions with SF Street Artist Jeremy Novy

San Francisco based street artist Jeremy Novy is a pioneer in the Queer Street Art movement. His in-your-face street art, which has featured (but is not limited to) drag queens, penises and homosexual imagery has made headlines across the country. Novy funneled that attention into curating an exhibit called “A…
July 11, 2011

S.F. Artist Jeremy Novy Thrives in Outdoor Gallery

Scribbling in a language of doodles, stencils and graffiti, Novy uses underground street art to honor San Francisco's gay history. Much as Keith Haring's anonymous chalk drawings in the New York subways drew attention to gay culture in the 1980s, Novy is emerging as San Francisco's street whisperer.
November 12, 2010

Off the Wall Graffiti: 11 Wierd Artist Making Odd Marks

By now, we’re all used to seeing graffiti and public art in urban and suburban settings. We’re so used to it, in fact, that we typically walk right by without giving it a second glance. But would you be able to ignore graffiti if it were done in a medium…
November 5, 2009